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Titanium Tetrachloride Properties

Titanium Tetrachloride

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Titanium tetrachloride is an inorganic compound.It is an important intermediate in the production of titanium metal and the pigment titanium dioxide.It is an unusual example of a metal halide that is highly volatile.Upon contact with humid air, it forms spectacular opaque clouds of titanium dioxide and hydrogen chloride.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Colourless fuming liquid
Boiling Point 135-136 °C
CAS Number 7550-45-0
Density 1.726 g/cm3
Dipole Moment Zero.
EINECS Number 231-441-9
IUPAC Name Tetrachlorotitanium
Melting Point -24.8 °C
Molar Mass 189.71 g/mol.
Molecular Formula TiCl4
Molecular Shape Tetrahedral.
Other_Cations Anions: Titanium(IV) fluoride;Titanium(IV) bromide;Titanium(IV) iodide.Cations:Zirconium(IV) chloride;Hafnium(IV) chloride.
RTECS Number XR1925000
Related Compounds Titanium(II) Chloride;Titanium(III) Chloride.
Solubility Soluble
Synonyms Tetrachlorotitanium;Titan(iv)-chlorid;Titanium(iv)Tetrachloride;Titanium Chloride
Viscosity 8.27×10-4 Pa·s
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