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TitaniumII Hydride Properties

TitaniumII Hydride

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TitaniumII Hydride normally refers to the inorganic compound TiH2 and related nonstoichiometric materials.TitaniumII Hydride is commercially available as a stable grey/black powder, which is used as an additive in the production of Alnico sintered magnets, in the sintering of powdered metals, the production of metal foam, the production of powdered titanium metal and in pyrotechnics.TitaniumII Hydride applications include ceramics, pyrotechnics, sports equipment, as a laboratory reagent, as a blowing agent, and as a precursor to porous titanium. When heated as a mixture with other metals in powder metallurgy, titanium hydride releases hydrogen which serves to remove carbon and oxygen, producing a strong alloy.

Chemical Properties

CAS Number 7704-98-5
IUPAC Name Titanium(2+) dihydride
InChI 1S/Ti.2H/q+2;2*-1
Molar Mass 49.88 g/mol
Molecular Formula TiH2
Synonyms Titanium Hydride;Titanium Dihydride
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