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Tripropylamine Properties


Tripropylamine Structure-Molecule Struture
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Tripropylamine is a tertiary amine which belongs to the class of trialkylamines. The main application for tripropylamine is the production of quats, which are used as phase transfer catalyst. Smaller applications are as proton scavenger or as molecular template in the production of microporous inorganic catalysts.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Colourless Liquid
Boiling Point 155-158 °C
CAS Number 102-69-2
ChEBI 38880
Class 3
Density 0.753 g/ml
EINECS Number 203-047-7
HS Code 29211980
IUPAC Name N,N-Dipropylpropan-1-amine
InChI 1S/C9H21N/c1-4-7-10(8-5-2)9-6-3/h4-9H2,1-3H3
Melting Point -93.5 °C
Molar Mass 143.27 g/mol
Molecular Formula C9H21N
PG 3
RTECS Number TX1575000
Refractive n20/D 1.416
Solubility 2.6 g/l
Synonyms 1-Propanamine,N,N-dipropyl-;Tripropylamine;N,N-Dipropyl-1-propanamine;Propyldi-n-propylamine;Tri-n-propylamine;TNPA