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Trisol 218 Properties

Trisol 218



Trisol 218 is an ester of fatty acid and glycerol. The largest component will be glycerol mono oleate, but it will also contain di-glycerides and tri-glycerides. Trisol 218 is prepared by controlled reaction between canola oil and glycerol, and the exact fatty chain distribution will mirror that of canola oil. The product is made from non GM (genetically modified) canola oil, it can be Kosher certified if required. Trisol 218 is insoluble in water having a HLB value of 3.8. It is widely used as an emulsifier, particularly in the food industry and personal care formulations, where it can also act as an excipient. It is also commonly used in defoaming applications such as juice processing, sugar refining, and washing of other cereal crops. Trisol 218 is generally packed in 200 litre steel drums or 1000 litre IBCs.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Light yellow liquid
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