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Trisol 247 Properties

Trisol 247



Trisol 247 is a monoester of fatty acid (oleic) reacted with polyethylene glycol (molecular weight nominally 400). Trisol 247 is oil soluble and disperses readily in water. Trisol 247 is a versatile surfactant which can be used in non aqueous or water based systems. The product functions as an emulsifier or solubilizer, it can be used in personal care products such as liquid soaps, lotions and creams. It can also be used in the metalworking, pulp and paper, textile, household and institutional industries. TRISOL 247 is generally packaged in 200 kg drums or 1000 kg IBCs.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Clear yellow to amber liquid
Density 0.98 g/ml