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Trisol 70 Properties

Trisol 70



Trisol 70 is an anionic wetting agent with outstanding wetting performance and excellent solubilising abilities. It is generally limited to aqueous solutions with a pH close to 7 but can be used at a much higher or lower pH for short periods - half life at pH 11 is about 4 hours. The solvent system in Trisol 70 is a based on a glycol. Trisol 70 is used as additive to glass cleaners to prevent condensation and misting, wetting agent for dyeing in the textile industry, wetting agent in printing inks, additive to paint remover to improve efficiency, additive to acrylic paints to improve wetting during application, additive to water for improved fire fighting efficiency, dust control when added to water and emulsion polymerization. TRISOL 70 finds widespread application as a filter aid for use in the mining industry. TRISOL 70 is also effective as an additive for acid leaching of copper and uranium, and cyanidation of gold and silver ores. Its’ excellent wetting allows improved penetration of the leaching solution and savings in use of leaching aid. Trisol 70 is normally shipped in 220kg plastic drums or 1100kg IBCs.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Clear to pale straw coloured liquid
Chemical Composition Sodium di (2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate
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