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Urease Properties




Urease functionally, belong to the superfamily of amidohydrolases and phosphotriestreases.It is an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of urea into carbon dioxide and ammonia.In 1926, James B. Sumner, an assistant professor at Cornell University, showed that urease is a protein by examining its crystallized form.Urease is produced by numerous taxonomically diverse bacterial species, including normal flora and nonpathogens. Also, urease has been demonstrated as a potent virulence factor for some species.Ureases are nickel-dependent enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of urea into 2 molecules of ammonia and 1 of carbon dioxide.Urease is a highly efficient catalyst for the hydrolysis of urea with a rate approximately 10 14 times the rate of the noncatalyzed reaction. It has a long and distinguished history in the development of enzymology.

Chemical Properties

CAS Number 9002-13-5