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Vydyne R530H Properties

Vydyne R530H



Vydyne R530H nylon resins are general purpose polyamide, heat stabilized, hydrolysis resistant, 30% glass fiber-reinforced resins. It is specifically designed to maximize the retention of physical properties when exposed to anti-freeze solutions at elevated temperatures. This product is also lubricated for improved machine feed and flow. Vydyne R530H is heat-stabilized to minimize oxidative degradation of the polymer when exposed to elevated temperatures in service. This product provides improved retention of physical properties under exposure to long-term heat. Also, Vydyne R530H has excellent knit line strength and fatigue resistance, which is essential for cycle testing with anti-freeze solutions.Vydyne R530H has been used for several under-the-hood automotive applications. The hydrolysis-resistant properties make it an excellent candidate for radiator end tank and heater core applications.

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