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Zeolites Properties




Zeolites are widely used as ion-exchange beds in domestic and commercial water purification, softening. Synthetic zeolites are widely used as catalysts in the petrochemical industry, for instance in fluid catalytic cracking and hydro-cracking. Zeolites are used as nutritional supplements. It is used as an additive in the production process of warm mix asphalt concrete.

Chemical Properties

Appearance White
CAS Number 1318-02-1
EINECS Number 215-283-8
Molar Mass 202.14g/mol
NFPA 704 H-1,F-0,R-0,C-NA
Solubility Insoluble in cold water, hot water
Synonyms Zeolites;AFR; AFS; AFY; AMT 25E; ASHNCH 3; Abscents 1000; Abscents 200; Abscents 2000;Abscents 2500; Abscents 3000; Advera 401PS; Agrolithe 15/25; G35; G 35 (zeolite); GME; GRZ 1; H 15; H 15 (zeolite); H-FAU; HC 1; HC 1(cracking catalyst); HSA 331; HSD 640NAD; NaP 1(zeolite);; SK40; SK 40 (molecular sieve); SP 2300; SP 2300 (zeolite); SP 600; SP 600 (zeolite); Sasil A 40; Seleks KM; Si-VPI 5