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Zirconium Oxychloride Properties

Zirconium Oxychloride

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Zirconium oxychloride is an inorganic compound. It is a misnomer because the compound contains no oxide groups, but the term is widely used. It is used for making other zirconium compound, precipitating acid dyes, preparing high quality pigment toners, improveing properties of color lakes. It has also been used in body deodorants and antiperspirant preparations.

Chemical Properties

Appearance White Crystals
CAS Number 7699-43-6
ChEBI 53479
Density 1.344 g/ml
EINECS Number 231-717-9
IUPAC Name Dichloro(oxo)zirconium
InChI 1S/2ClH.O.Zr/h2*1H;;/q;;;+2/p-2
Melting Point -15 °C
Molar Mass 178.13 g/mol
Molecular Formula Cl2OZr
Synonyms Dichloro(oxo)zirconium;Basic Zirconium Chloride;Dichlorooxozirconium;Zirconium, dichlorooxo-;ZC;Zirconium Chloride Oxide;Zirconium Dichloride Monoxide;Zirconiumdichloride Oxide;Zirconium Dichloride Oxide;Zirconium Oxide Dichloride;Zirconium Oxychloride;Zirconium Oxydichloride;Zirconium(IV) Oxychloride;Zirconyl Chloride;Zirconyl Dichloride;ZircosolZC;Zircosol ZC 20;Basiczirconium Chloride;NSC 115914;Oxozirconium(IV)chloride