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1-Pentadecanol is a fatty alcohol found in myrrh and frankincense essential oils.Pentadecanol is a C-15 fatty alcohol. Very long chain fatty alcohols (VLCFA), obtained from plant waxes and beeswax have been reported to lower plasma cholesterol in humans. They can be found in unrefined cereal grains, beeswax, and many plant-derived foods. Reports suggest that 5& #8211; 20 mg per day of mixed C24& #8211; C34 alcohols, including octacosanol and triacontanol, lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol by 21%& #8211; 29% and raise high-density lipoprotein cholesterol by 8%& #8211; 15%. Wax esters are hydrolyzed by a bile salt-dependent pancreatic carboxyl esterase, releasing long chain alcohols and fatty acids that are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Studies of fatty alcohol metabolism in fibroblasts suggest that very long chain fatty alcohols, fatty aldehydes, and fatty acids are reversibly inter-converted in a fatty alcohol cycle. The metabolism of these compounds is impaired in several inherited human peroxisomal disorders, including adrenoleukodystrophy and Sjögren-Larsson syndrome.

CAS Number:629-76-5
Appearance: white solid

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