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Interquim S.A

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Interquim S.A

Interquim S.A are a Mexican company dedicated to manufacture active substances for the national and international markets. The company was created in 1970 with the purpose of contributing with the development of the pharmaceutical industry. The company manufacture and supplies products such as Rifaximin, Hydroxocobalamin Acetate, Citalopram Hydrobromide, Thalidomide, Bendamustine Hydrochloride etc.

As a leading manufacturer in the development and production of active ingredients, the company have the constant compromise with investigation and innovation of products, as well as to provide a service of excellence. At Interquim, the company have several production areas, which have an adequate infrastructure; they are separated from each other, with restricted access, controlled differential pressure, monitored and restricted temperature and humidity. 

Although its speciality consists in the manufacture of B12 derivates, the company also develop several materials, such as anti microbial and anti arthritic. Each one of its products has the DMF (Drug Master File) available for its clients.