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Ambipro Inc.

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Ambipro Inc.

Ambipro Inc. formerly known as The Aimex Company, Inc. has been in the biochemical arena for thirteen years, where it supplies high quality biochemical products to a number of companies and research groups. While Amibpro is associated with manufacturing facilities worldwide, it is located in the heart of one of the premier American biotech areas, viz., San Diego, California.

The company is actively involved with research and development, as well as the manufacturing sector of the biotech community, encompassing the varied fields of life sciences, clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical components, food digestive ingredients and numerous emergent research and development aspects related with proteins, enzymes and immunochemicals. The company is well positioned to address client requirements, and understands the intricacies and requirements of moving GMP/multicomponent products through research and development and to the production stage.

The product range includes Alkaline phosphatase, Glucose oxidase, Trypsin, Hyaluronidase, Alpha-galactosidase etc.