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China Shenghua Group Agrochemical Company

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China Shenghua Group Agrochemical Company

China Shenghua Group established in 1984 is a state-level large-scale hi-tech Group, designated by the National Ministry of Agriculture and the National Ministry of Chemical Industry. The company manufactures and supplies Lufenuron, Oxyfluorfen, Paraquat, Atrazine, Fipronil etc. The company is ranked as one of twenty largest agrochemical enterprises in China, with the sales volume more than USD350 millions in 2011.

  The company has been awarded ISO 9001 & ISO 14000 accreditation, and in particular thereinto there are three subordinates having achieved the certifications in OHSAS 18000, HACCP, etc. On the basis of its reputable credit standing, canonical management and production, excellent quality, good logistics & strong registration backing, while competitive prices, the products have entered the markets of more than 100 countries & regions allover the world, and become more and more popular.

The company's mission is to be a company committed to the constant search for leadership, innovation and environmental awareness, satisfying the needs of the market and its customers with quality products and professional services, based on innovative technology. Its vision is to be a leading company in manufacturing, sales and servicing at a international level, exporting products and technology, participating in joint venture & collaboration abroad by the export of capital, management, technology.