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Akrochem Corporation

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Akrochem Corporation

Akrochem Corporation manufactures, distributes rubber chemicals and compounding productsAkrochem company provides antifoams, colors-powders, colors-paste and polymeric dispersions, thermoplastic color concentrates, carbon blacks, cure and chemical blends, chemical dispersions, elastomers, emulsions and fluids, and fire retardants. Akrochem Corporation also offers flocks and wood flours, magnesia products, mineral fillers, plasticizers, processing aids, release agents, resins and tackifiers, silicone products, silicone rubber additives, stearates, sulfurs, vulcanized vegetable oils, waxes, and zinc oxides. Akrochem Corporation was formerly known as Akron Chemical Company and changed its name to Akrochem Corporation in July 1988. The company was founded in 1929 and is based in Akron, OhioAkrochem Corporation is manufactures, and sales of chemicals like Akrochem CFR-25, Akrowax 130, Akrochem CFR-515, Zinc Oxide FP-H, Akrofax LD3, Akrowax PE-100.