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Alfa Chem

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Cas Number64-17-5
Appearancecolourless liquid

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Food Additives
Fuels and Lubricants
Flavour & Fragrance
Industrial Solvents
Rocket Propellants
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Alfa Chem

Alfa Chem provides raw materials of the highest quality to industries such as manufacturing, repackaging, research, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics, as well as Universities and Hospitals. By maintaining business alliances and contract manufacturing plants throughout the world, the company can save its customers the trouble of having to go through multiple channels to obtain the materials they need. 

Alfa Chem Company bring the global market closer by providing its customers with the best quality and pricing, as well as the ability to ship the product nearly anywhere worldwide, including the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, South and Central America, and most African countries. The company's mission is to provide the customers with a single, easy to use, low cost solution for all of its chemical supply needs. The product range includes Alginic Acid, Acetaminophen, Acetamidine Hydrochloride, Acetanilide, Acetazolamide, Bovine albumin etc.