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Ashok Industry

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Metal treatment
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Ashok Industry

Ashok Industry is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Metallic Surface Treatment Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Heat Treatment Salts, Rust Preventives etc and the product range include ASFOSIL 33, ASFOSIL-WS, ASFOSIL-398, ASHCROM G70, ASHBLAK RT-10 etc. Ashok Industry also manufactures various other chemicals such as Pickling and Passivating Chemicals, Descaling chemicals etc. Ashok Industry offer quality products, competitive prices, efficient services, quick delivery and free Technical advice by its experienced Technical staff backed by over 60 years of experience.

Ashok Industry is regular suppliers to various Public Sector Units, Defence units and many other large and small corporate units in private sector. We have a very wide Sales and service network at many places all over India. A Quality Control and Research staff aid customers in setting up plants for better performance and quality using its products. Through this close co-operation many of ASHOK INDUSTRY's products have been developed and it is this versatality of product development that has helped the company earn a great name and leadership in its field.