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Chemtan Company Inc.

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Chemtan Company Inc.

Chemtan headquartered in New Hampshire, USA, is an international leader in developing, producing and marketing chemicals for the leather tanning industry and the product range include Proxel GXL, CHEMOL 215NB, CHEMOL 500, CHEMOL 369H, CHEMOL 414, CHEMOL 63T, CHEMTAN T-13, CHEMTAN T-18, CHEMOL 440Z etc. Chemtan supplies tanning customers throughout North America, the Caribbean Basin, Central & South Americas, Asia and Europe.

The products are used in all steps of wet-end leather manufacturer: curing, unhairing, tanning, retanning, coloring, fat-liquoring, oiling-off, and surface treatments for oil and water resistance. Its Exeter New Hampshire applications and development laboratory facility is always available for customers to receive customized training in basic leather chemistry, and new leather developments.Throughout its 60 years, its attention to staffing to provide research, development, production, and marketing relevant to changing markets is the reason for the continued success of Chemtan.