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coladet ld-150

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Colonial Chemical, Inc

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Colonial Chemical, Inc

Colonial Chemical, Inc. initial focus of was the manufacturing of alkyl sulfates and alkyl ether sulfatesColonial 's first production plant was in Dalton, Georgia, and Colonial's successful relationship with Active Organics helped the company gain valuable experience in producing and selling naturally derived products.

Colonial has also moved to develop its own unique line of products. Colonial was granted its first patent in December of 2001 for the phospholipid, Colalipid DLO. Currently Colonial holds over 20 patents for its original surfactant products and technology. Colonial Chemical products include ColaCarb BEA, ColaCor 700, ColaCor CIC, ColaCor RP, ColaCor 300, ColaCor 93, ColaCor 450, ColaCarb O6C.