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2-bromo ethylamine hydrobromide

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Armenian Institute of Applied Chemistry

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Cas Number2576-47-8

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Lab Chemicals
Pharmaceutical intermediates
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Armenian Institute of Applied Chemistry

Armenian Institute of Applied Chemistry “ARIAC” is a leading chemical manufacturing company in Armenia. Utilising many years of experience in manufacturing fine organic compounds to the highest standard, ARIAC is known on the international market as a reliable and trustworthy chemical supplier. ARIAC combines chemical synthesis experience with scientific know-how to create one-stop manufacturing on demand solution. The company have customers in chemical manufacturing, biochemical research, pharmaceutical and scientific research in Europe, Americas, Japan, etc. 

Armenian Institute of Applied Chemistry “ARIAC” includes product such as 4-Aminobenzamide, Triethylbenzylammonium Chloride, 3-Pyridinamine, Trimethylene Bromide Chloride. ARIAC is also an experienced developer and manufacturer of raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry. All our catalogues and website catalogue represents only small range of materials we can supply. ARIAC can also develop technological and manufacturing processes for production of almost any chemical materials for our clients.