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Pacific Agencies

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Cas Number108-78-1
Appearancewhite solid

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Inks and Dyes
Plastics & Polymers
Resins & Polymers
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Pacific Agencies

Pacific Agencies is a marketing organization engaged in representing overseas Manufacturers and Suppliers from different countries to Indian market in field of Chemicals and Allied products of various types used in diversified field of application in various categories of industries and the product range include as Dimethyl sulphoxide, N-Methyl Pyrrolidone, Tetra Hydro Furan, Ditertiary/Para/ortho Butyl phenols, L+ Tartaric acid  etc.

Pacific Agencies serves chemical industrial consumers engaged in diversified fields like manufacturing of pharmaceutical, agro chemicals including Pesticides, Fertiliser chemicals, Fibre raw materials, Dyestuff, Water treatment chemicals, raw materials for Paints and Printing ink, Perfumery and Aromatic chemicals, Soap and Detergents etc, and other chemicals used in diversified fields of applications. Pacific Agencies represent to Indian market interest of overseas suppliers from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China, Singapore, USA, Western Europe etc.