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calcium levulinate

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Afine Chemicals Limited

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Cas Number591-64-0,5743-49-7

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Afine Chemicals Limited

Afine Chemicals Limited is specialized in the fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals which have enjoyed great popularity in world markets. Since 2005, the company have been rapidly growing to a leading manufacturer and trader of APIs in China. Today, it have set up two independent business divisions such as Fine chemicals division and Pharmaceutical division.

Fine chemical department involves in manufacturing and trading a variety of high-quality of optical brightener and textile auxiliary as well as Dye stuff, Pigments and other fine chemicals. Innovation and good service are the secrets of its success and rapid growth. Continuous innovation improves the quality of its products, and helps the company launch new market-oriented products into the market. Warm and efficient service guarantees the timely, professional and sincere service to its clients.

The product range includes Alclometasone Dipropionate, Amorolfine Hydrochloride, Benidipine hydrochloride, Articaine hydrochloride, Propiverine hydrochloride etc.