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13(S)-HpOTrE is a monohydroperoxy polyunsaturated fatty acid produced in soybeans by the action of soybean LO-2 on esterified α-linolenic acid. Incubation of soybean seedling biomembranes with soybean LO-2 catalyzes the formation of both 9-?and 13-HpOTrE in a molar ratio of 10:1.?In plants, 13(S)-HpOTrE can be metabolized by the hydroperoxide lyase pathway producing aldehyde and oxoacid fragments, or by the hydroperoxide dehydratase pathway producing jasmonic acid. Treatment of tomato leaves with 13-HpOTrE causes induction of proteinase inhibitors, simulating the normal response to wounding. This data suggests that in plants 13(S)-HpOTrE may participate in a lipid-based signalling system initiated by insect and pathogen attack.

CAS Number:67597-26-6

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