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silicon dioxide

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Natrochem, Inc

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Cas Number7631-86-9
Appearancewhite crystals or powder

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Food Additives
Cosmetics & Personal care
Glass & Ceramics
Evaporation antiscalant&Descalant
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Natrochem, Inc

Natrochem, Inc. was founded in 1913 as National Rosin Oil and Size Company. In 1948 the company discontinued the manufacture of paper size and was re-chartered as National Rosin Oil Products, Inc. Natrochem product line consists primarily of DLC (dry liquid concentrates), and Tarenes (liquid pine tars). Also included in the Natrochem product line are Natro-Rez (CI resin/tackifiers), Galex (disproportionated rosins), Natro-Tac (pentaerythritol ester in solution), tall oil blends, and gum rosin/oil blends.

Natro Cel& DLC give Improved Handling Easier addition to compound Faster incorporation Improved weigh-up accuracy Reduced scrap and waste Cleaner environment. Natrochem, Inc. include the products such as Diethylene Glycol, Butyl Oleate, Diethanol Amine, Dioctyl Adipate, Silicon Dioxide.