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Catapharma Group was formed in 1986 with the coming together of three young chemical engineers with a strong desire to apply their technical skills to productive industrial activity. The core activity is manufacture and supply of pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals such as Crotamiton, Oxolinic Acid, Toldimfos Sodium, Tolnaftate, N-Methylbenzylamine etc. The company is backed up by well equipped research lab and pilot plant for development of new products and up-gradation of existing processes.

Presently, the group consists of the following companies such as Catapharma (India) Pvt. Ltd. (1986), Catapharma Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (1989), Catapro Technologies (1994) and MDB Chemicals (India) Pvt.Ltd. (1997). Presently, the Group has established itself as a leading supplier in the Indian market for various derivatives of piperazine, methylendioxybenzene and benzylamine. The Group has the distinction of being the only manufacturer in India for many of the products. In the past few years, the Group succeeded in exporting half of its production to Europe and China.