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Charkit Chemical Company

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Charkit Chemical Company

Charkit Chemical Company Founded in 1982 by its President, Charles Hinnant, Charkit Chemical Corporation offers a wide range of products to the specialty chemical, flavor and fragrance, personal care, food, pharmaceutical, imaging, water treatment and metal treatment industries, among others. In 2012, Charkit celebrated the milestone of its 30th year of continuing growth.

Charkit maintains many domestic and worldwide supplier relationships, enabling the company to provide some of the newest, most technologically advanced solutions in overcoming product development challenges. A Charkit team of technical and marketing experts is available to assist customers, starting with the most effective sourcing through manufacturing, warehousing and distribution services across the nation. 

Charkit is focused on offering a wide range of innovative specialty chemicals that provide value added benefits in flavor, fragrance, personal care and pharmaceutical products. Charkit Products of strontium sulfite, Chlorine, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzaldehyde, Potassium Ferricyanide, 3-Methoxyphenylboronic Acid, Benzyl Acetate, Toluene.