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5-bromo-2-iodobenzoic acid

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Trans World Chemicals, Inc.

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Cas Number21740-00-1

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Trans World Chemicals, Inc.

Trans World Chemicals, Inc. was incorporated in 1974 by a group of PhD chemists who envisioned a company that would supply researchers with a unique line of chemical products not offered by the large chemical supply houses. We manufacture over 98% of everything we sell, putting us in an excellent position to offer the lowest price possible.

Most of the well-known chemical distributors act as middlemen for our products. Trans World Chemicals products range as Amines, Benzyl Chlorides, Carboxylic Acids, Hydrazides, Isothiocyanates, Nitriles, Sulfonyl Chlorides, Thiobenzamides, Thiosemicarbazides, Thioureas, 4-Acetylbibenzyl, 2-Acetyl-7-methoxybenzofuran etc.. Our offices and laboratories are located in Rockville, Maryland. We have several distributors throughout Europe and Japan.