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Inabata UK Ltd.

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Inabata UK Ltd.

Inabata UK Ltd. is found in 1890. Inabata

Inabata UK Ltd. is found in 1890. Inabata is pursuing innovative solutions and services at all times in the e-business field information, Chemicals, Consumer Products, synthetic resin, such as living environment. The Inabata Group provides innovative solutions and services for IT & electronics, chemicals, life industry, plastics, housing & eco materials businesses worldwide.

Inabata Group’s Mission is to contribute to the development of society based on the humanitarian spirit of “ai (love)” and “kei (respect),” which have been the two core values for the company since its inception. Our Vision is “to continually evolve, serving clients and society, through global operations and meeting their changing needs.” Inabata include the Products such as Omeprazole, trospium chloride, 3-Chlorothiophene, Tiadenol, 2-hydroxypyridine.

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