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washtechs 7015

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American Textile, LLC

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American Textile, LLC

American Textile, LLC, our focus is sales and service of advanced chemistry for the global textile, garment wet processing and carpet industries.

American Textile, LLC meets our customer’s needs in efficient and timely manner via manufacture and distribution from ISO certified facilities in North America and Southeast Asia. An extensive agent and distributor network facilitates supply and service to our customers across the globe - Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

American Textile, LLC include the products such as WashTechs 7340, WashTechs 7050, WashTechs 7350, WashTechs 7000, WashTechs 7117, WashTechs 7140, WashTechs 7420, WashTechs 7120, WashTechs 7100, WashTechs 7215.