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Paints & Coatings
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Visa Chemical Industries

Visa Chemcial Industries Colloidal Silica of various grades was commercially produced successfully and exported for the first time in India. With continuous Research and Development with use of the latest innovative technology to enhance the product quality.Visa Chemcial Industries products range as LitSIL-h, LitSil-S, LitSil-C, Nano LitSil Sol, Colloidal Silica, Paint and Lacque, LitSol-30.

In 1985 Visa Chemcial industries was established in India. Visa Chemical Industries is an ISO Certified premier speciality chemical company known for its experienced technical staff and strong customer relationships. With continuous research and development we use the latest innovative technology to enhance the performance of various products.Team Visa is committed to stringent quality standards defined by its managing partner. Good quality means that we meet our customer's expressed expectations and the conditions upon which we have mutually agreed.The right product in the right amount, handled rightly, and delivered at the right time with the right documents.