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Vadivarhe Speciality Chemicals Ltd.

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Vadivarhe Speciality Chemicals Ltd.

Vadivarhe Speciality Chemicals Ltd. has established itself as a successful manufacturer of Organic Chemicals with a core focus on Intermediates, Personal Care Products, and Speciality Chemicals. The company place great emphasis on research & development, evolving proprietary process development methodologies and reliance on its cGMP manufacturing facility to deliver products of the highest quality standards to the customers factory floor. Its ‘Quality Gate’ takes ownership of materials suppliers and is solely responsibile for quality and specifications. 

The company is a founded in 2009, and it is ISO 9001:2008, cGMP QS certified manufacturer. The chemical division is started in the year 1997 with the manufacturing of ORTHO-ESTERS first time in India as an import substitute to meet the demand of steroid manufacturers, and started exporting the same since 1998. As a market leader in the speciality chemicals industry, VSCL is proud to have a quality policy that supports the company’s GMP and customer satisfaction goals.The product range include 4-Chloro-3-Nitroanisole, 3-Aminoisoxazole, 3-Cyanoindole, Propionyl Chloride, 6-Aminouracil etc.