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resil dplf 106

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Resil Chemicals Private Limited

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Appearanceclear to straw colour liquid

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Resil Chemicals Private Limited

Resil Chemicals Private Limited is a leading manufactuer and supplier of chemicals with customers across 4 continents among varied industries such as Textiles, Agriculture, Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Leather, Personal Care, Antifoams, Car Care and Antimicrobials and the product range include Resil DPLF 106, Resil SME 300, Aquaphobe WR6, Resicare EOC 4K, AFIP 3000, Resil DSED, Resil DSTC, Resil DSAR etc. Its Vision is to be an organization that delivers optimum value and satisfaction to all stakeholders and the community at large.

The company mission is to focus on value added, customised products & services to meet current and emerging needs of target user segments and to ensure that the offered products & services are aimed at improving health or user comfort and lifestyle aspirations of the society with adequate environmental care. With a focus on sustainability based on advanced technologies for a variety of industrial applications, Resil’s vision is to bring world-class technologies to global markets. This is facilitated by the development of patented materials, key collaborations with advanced research facilities and multi-million dollar investments.