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calcium chloride

Description :

Zeal Medipharma (Export) Private Limited supplies Calcium Chloride naturally occurs as the rare evaporated minerals sinjarite and antarcticite. Chemically it is a white hygroscopic crystalline inorganic salt with the formula CaCl2. Industrially calcium chloride is produced as a by-product in the Solvay process. It is used to treat hydrofluoric acid burns, magnesium intoxication and to treat calcium channel blocker toxicity. Buy Calcium Chloride online to avail the best offer online and to get the chemical in premium quality.

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Zeal Medipharma (Export) Private Limited

Product Details :

Cas Number10043-52-4
Appearancewhite solid

Categories :

Food Additives
Swimming Pool Chemicals
Lab Chemicals
Firming Agents
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Zeal Medipharma (Export) Private Limited

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