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Murli Krishna Pharma Private Ltd

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Cas Number138530-94-6

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Proton Pump Inhibitors
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Murli Krishna Pharma Private Ltd

Murli Krishna Pharma Private Ltd is a young and dynamic drug delivery systems (DDS) company in India that provides a range of effective solutions to optimize the delivery of pharmaceutical products. The company have a world class oral solid dosage form manufacturing facility for Pellets, Micro-Pellets and Granules approved by regulatory authorities of developed countries. With a clientele base comprising of more than 64 leading international companies and a turnover exceeding US$ 6 Million, its performance speaks of its capabilities with a cumulative growth of over 60% from the last 3 Years.

The company deliver the products as per the set schedules with excellent quality at a very competitive price. The company want to carve out a niche in the field of Novel Drug Delivery System(NDDS) & would like to be known as one of the Leading Global Research Based, Drug Delivery Companies, with an expertise in novel drug delivery systems, constantly strive towards building and strengthening upon its intellectual property.