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3-(n,n-diethyl)amino propionanilide

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Intersperse Industries

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Cas Number22185-75-7

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Intersperse Industries

Intersperse Industries is mainly involved in manufacturing and supplying the Intermediates Base on Benzene ring for Synthetic Dyes for different Series and different uses. The products are of low volume and for special application. The company supply its product to the domestic market as well export the same to various countries.

The company manufacture the intermediate base on Benzene Ring for Synthetic Dyes. It try to manufacture Intermediates on the basis of requirement and suggestion of its client and which fit its plant facility. The company try to carry out production with GMP. The company put its effort to achieve better quality. To achieve better quality, fulfill commitment in time is its main part of policy. Improvement and achievement is continuous process and the path of good policy.

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