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2-acrylanmido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid
Chemical Reagent CF410S Dispersant SAF based<356F Summary 1. CF410S Dispersant can significantly reduce cement slurry consistency, improve liquidity and rheolog- ical behavior of cement slurry. 2. CF410S Dispersantis applicable in a wide temperature range and can be resistant to 356?F (180?C). 3. CF410S Dispersant has salt resistence and still has good performance in 5%-10% brine cement slurry. 4. CF410S Dispersant is suitable for dry mixed as well as water mixed, soluble in cold water. 5. CF410S Dispersant is compatible with cement and other additives well. Special Attentions The performance of CF410S Dispersant will be obviously decreased when DISPERSANT CF410S is used in brine system, whose concentration is higher than that of the half saturated brine. Applications Temperature:Lower than 356?F (180?C) (BHCT) Dosage: CF410S Dispersant generally 0.2-2.0% (BWOC), recommend amount 0.5% (BWOC). Cement Slurry Performance Item Technical Indicators Rate of the thickening time (ratio of additive added and non-added) 85?C/44min, 70.3MPa 1.0-1.2 Rate of 24h compressive strength (ratio of additive added and non-added) 85?C,Atmospheric Pressure ? 0.80 Rheological Property Rheological index n 85?C, Atmospheric Pressure ?0.55 Consistency coefficient k, Pa.S^n ? 0.50 Composition:API class G (HSR) 700g; mixed water 308g; CF410S 3.5g(0.5%); defoamer 1.4g(0.2%)

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