Buy 2-Amino-4-Bromo-5-Chlorobenzoic Acid LAB GRADE >97%, 2-Amino-4-Bromo-5-Chlorobenzoic Acid LAB GRADE >97% Suppliers, Manufacturers, Traders

2-Amino-4-Bromo-5-Chlorobenzoic Acid LAB GRADE >97% Suppliers

2-amino-4-bromo-5-chlorobenzoic acid  lab grade >97%

cas 150812-32-1 2-Amino-4-Bromo-5-Chlorobenzoic Acid 

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Place of Origin: China
cas 150812-32-1 2-Amino-4-Bromo-5-Chlorobenzoic Acid  is  a speciality chemicals, building blocks and intermediates for pharmaceuticals and organic synthesis.
Services: Supply Catalog products, Custom synthesis and custom manufacturing for building blocks, research chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates.
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CAS Number:150812-32-1
Appearance: powder

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