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2-ethylhexyl nitrate technical min99.5

2-ethylhexyl nitrate


Chemical composition

Chemical name:   2-ethylhexyl nitrate(2-EHN)    CAS: 27247-96-7

Chemical formula:  C8H17ONO3              Molecular weight:  175

EINECS:           248-363-6                 UN:                3082

HS:                2920909090               R-phrases:         R20/21 R44

S-phrases:          S15 S23 S24/25 S36/37/39

Performance and application

It could improve 2-9 units of cetane if 0.1-0.3% of product was added in the low-light diesel cetane. Otherwise, it could improve the combustion characteristics of diesel, shorten the ignition time and lower the burning point. The product could improve thermal condition power of the locomotive and the fuel-saving effect was very obvious.

Performance and appication:

-improves efficently and economically cetane numbers of deisel oil.

-better auto-ignition and combustion in addition to reduced exhaust emissions.

- quicker cold startup,
- diminution of engine startup noise,
- reduction in engine knock and wear,
- production of lower pressures resulting in smoother performance,
- decrease or elimination of carbon build-up on injector nozzles,
- better fuel economy and engine life.

CAS Number:27247-96-7
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