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Basic Information

Product Number:SX4014
Chemical name: 2-Phenoxyethanol
Alias: 1-Hydroxy-2-phenoxyethane; 2-hydroxyethyl phenyl ether; Arosol; b-Hydroxyethyl phenyl ether; beta-phenoxyethyl alcohol; dowanol ep; dowanol eph
Molecular formula: C8H10O2
Molecular weight: 138.17
CAS No. : 122-99-6

EINECS No.:204-589-7

Physical and chemical properties

Appearnce: colorless oily solvent with a little rose fragrance and burning smell.

Melting point:11-13°C

Boiling point: 244℃

Relative density is (20℃)1.11

Refractive index (20℃) is 1.536~1.541.

Solubility: Easily soluble in alcohol, ether, acetone, glycerin and sodium hydroxide solution, slightly soluble in water 30 g/L (20°C) and olive oil.


Detailed Description
Quality standard:




Colorless transparent liquid



Melting point


Relative density (20℃)


Heavy metal (Pb)


Arsenic (As)



Soluble in ethyl alcohol, acetone and glyrecin; slightly soluble in water and olive oil


As penetrant and fungicide of detergents and cosmetics and; protective agent and diluent of spices; solvent and modifier of paint, ink and ball-point pen oil; environment-friendly carrier solvent for textile printing and dyeing.

Plastic bag, 1kg/bottle, 10 bottles/carton, net weight is 10kg.
*Special requirements can be negotiated


CAS Number: 122-99-6
Appearance: colorless oily solvent with a little rose fragrance and burning smell.

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