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galactaric acid

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Montage Chemicals Pvt. Ltd

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Montage Chemicals Pvt. Ltd

Montage Chemicals Pvt. Ltd main activities includes manufacturing and exporting of bulk additives, veterinary medicaments, industrial organic chemicals, modern veterinary medicines, animal feed concentrates and supplements, Allantoin and its derivatives, speciality chemicals and various Indole derivatives. As a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of industrial chemicals and includes industrial organic chemicals, modern veterinary medicine etc.

These are used for pharmaceutical ingredients and veterinary drugs besides other specialized products.Montage Chemicals products range as Anthrone, Benzene Selenenic Acid, Benzene Selenenic Anhydride, Chromotropic Acid, Homophthalic Acid, Homophthalic Anhydride, 2-Phenyl Butyric Acid, Diphenyl Diselenide, Acertarsol Sodium, Acertasol etc.

Montage Chemicals  offer you variety of chemical compounds which are highly effective and durable. They are made by using high quality of raw materials. They can be used for domestic as well as for the industrial purposes. Range includes Allantoin Chemical, Water Treatment Chemical, Other Specialty Chemicals and Laboratory Reagents. Montage Chemicals Pvt. Ltd is an FDA-GMP Certified Company.