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hydroxylamine sulfate

Description :

Hydroxylamine Sulfate is used as a viscosity stabilizer for natural rubber, and as a non-contaminating short-stopper for synthetic rubber. A derivative of HAS is also used as a vulcanizer. Its many properties, including selective reactivity to textile fiber functional groups, make it useful for applications such as dye improvers, textile discoloration inhibitors, and modifiers for acrylic fibers and cellulose. Other uses include resin improvers, UV stabilizers, and polymerization catalysts.is used as a raw material for herbicides, insecticides, germicides, acaricides and other products in the form of derivatives of hydroxamic acid, hydroxy uric acid, carbamate, alkyl hydroxylamine, oxadiazole, and organophosphorous compounds, among others. It is also used as a raw material for germicides, CNS sedatives, antihistamines, sedatives, drugs for high blood sugar, wound infection inhibitors, diuretics, stimulants, blood coagulants, anti-malarial drugs, and diabetes drugs and other products in the form of derivatives of hydroxamic acid, hydroxy uric acid, isoxazole, oxadiazole, oxime, and amide, among others. Due to its ability to reduce hydroxylamine sulfate and form metal complexes, Hydroxylamine Sulfate is used as a metal surface treatment agent, precipitant for separating metal, metal extractant, and rust proofer.

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UBE Industries, Ltd.

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Cas Number10039-54-0

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Agro Chemicals
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UBE Industries, Ltd.
UBE Industries,Ltd. has a history tracing back to the turn of the 19th century with the founding of the Okinoyama Coal Mine in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The coal development project was started as a silent partnership by local investors in what was then a small community.The UBE Industries Vision was se Read More..
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