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priolube 1921

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Crodarom SAS

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Fuels and Lubricants
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Crodarom SAS

Croda is a world leader in natural based speciality chemicals which are sold to virtually every type of industry. Croda International operates a range of policies covering all areas of its business. The overall commitment is to uphold the principles of socially responsible business practices, and respect the interests of everyone affected by its activities and actions, including its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the general community at large.

R&D has played a key role in the Croda success story since the company pioneered the use of lanolin based rust preventives in the 1930s. Innovation has always been at the heart of this research, whether creating new products for existing markets, or new markets for existing products. The product range includes Priolube 1936, Priolube 1939, Tween 80 HP, Synperonic A20, Incromega Trio EE, Monalube 215 etc.