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abieta dr 835a

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Arizona Chemicals (China)

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Paints & Coatings
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Arizona Chemicals (China)

Arizona Chemicals Established in 1930, Arizona Chemical is the world’s leading biorefiner of pine chemicals. We provide natural pine based materials to our customers in many diverse markets including adhesives, roads & construction, tires & rubber, lubricants, fuel additives, and mining.

Arizona Chemical’s research and development efforts are dedicated to discovering new environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to protect the environment and offer alternatives to non-renewable chemicals. Arizona Chemical is committed to delivering best in class manufacturing processes and increasing energy efficiency while minimizing emissions, all our manufacturing locations follow top quality manufacturing practices. Arizona Chemicals include the products such as Isostearic Acid, UNIDYME 60, CENWAX G, CENWAX ME, ABIETA DR 835A, ABIETA RS 314, CENTURY 1105.