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Nubiola Colombia Pigmentos, S.A.

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Paints & Coatings
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Nubiola Colombia Pigmentos, S.A.

Nubiola Colombia Pigmentos, S.A. are specialized in the production of inorganic pigments. Our business development began with Ultramarine Blue pigment, used in those days to give clothes a clean, bluish white hue when washed. Nubiola Colombia founded in 1914. Nubiola Colombia product range and the efforts made by everyone involved in the running of our company, we provide a wide range of technical and specialized pigments which are ideal for applications in such diverse sectors as plastics, paints, cosmetics, inks, artists' colors and many more.

Nubiola Colombia are conscious about our responsibility as a company; which is the impact of our decisions and activities on society and the environment. We believe individual contributions will make a universal contribution for a future World. Nubiola Colombia include the products such as Iron Oxides, Ultramarine Blue, Zinc Ferrite, Chrome Oxide Green, Molybdate Oranges, Corrosion Inhibitors.