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benzene chloride

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Lanxess K.K.

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Cas Number108-90-7
Appearancecolorless liquid

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Inks and Dyes
Cosmetics & Personal care
Plastics & Polymers
Lab Chemicals
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Lanxess K.K.

LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with operations in more than 31 countries with 52 production sites worldwide. The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of plastics, rubber, intermediates and specialty chemicals. As an international specialty chemicals group, the company bear a major responsibility toward people and the environment.

The entrepreneurial activities reflect this sense of responsibility, which is also a key component of its strategy. Safety, environmental protection, social responsibility, quality and commercial efficiency are all key corporate goals at LANXESS.The company’s goal is to bring in line economic, ecological and social aspects within its corporate strategy. The product range includes 2,4-Dichloroaniline, 2-Chlorophenyl isocyanate, 3-Chlorophenyl isocyanate, Anhyplast, tert-Butyl isocyanate, 2,4-Dichlorophenylisocyanate, p-Tolylisocyanate, Isopropyl Isocyanate, Sulfur Dichloride, 4-Isopropylphenyl isocyanate etc.