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Croda Beijing

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Fuels and Lubricants
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Croda Beijing

Croda Beijing supplies a comprehensive range of natural based specialities and oleochemicals, including surfactants, esters, alkoxylates, speciality lipids, fatty acids and fatty acid amides, lanolin and derivatives, actives, botanical extracts, proteins and polymers, to a wide range of markets including personal care, health care, home care, crop care, polymers and coatings, textiles, and general industrial applications throughout the Greater China region.

R& D has played a key role in the Croda success story since the company pioneered the use of lanolin based rust preventives in the 1930s. Innovation has always been at the heart of this research, whether creating new products for existing markets, or new markets for existing products. The product range includes Priolube 1939, Priolube 3970, Pripol Dimer Diol, Incromega E4520, Crodamol BS, Atmer 1010, Priolube 1941 etc.