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40% e3 emulsion

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Aquaspersions (M) Sdn Bhd

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Appearancepale yellow aqueous emulsion

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Aquaspersions (M) Sdn Bhd

Aquaspersions Limited as a UK-based manufacturer of high quality, water based additives for the polymer and associated industries. Initially we served the synthetic and natural rubber latex markets, providing a comprehensive range of curing and stabilising additives. Aquaspersions Limited products include Aqualink X, 40% DPG Dispersion, 40% Aquanox UV 70-28, Aquares PVB 501, 50% MBT Dispersion. Aquaspersions Limited was established in 1974

More recently, we have developed many specialty water-based ingredients for adhesives, coatings and textile applications such as the Aquarez polymer emulsions. Our sister company Aquaspersions Malaysia is based in Kuala Lumpur and enables us to offer global supply of our products. We have a strong commitment to research and development and are also accredited to ISO 9001 (2000).

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