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Biotio Industries

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Cas Number21564-17-0
Appearancebrown-red liquid

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Biotio Industries

Biotio Industries was founded in 1998 with a full service manufacturing plant including flexible custom manufacturing products that has full product development laboratory and R & D facilities, sales and management capacities. Biotio Industries consistently professional in researching and developing, manufacturing, sales and services in variety of fields such as plastic, coating and paints, printing ink, textile printing, road marking, paper making, thermoplastics, welding electrodes, health care products, cosmetic products, oil field, water treatment, constructive and building products, and etc.

Biotio Industries company also provides consistency in chemicals quality, technology and services, good quality products and high quality services to grow with customers in every respect. Biotio Industries include the Products such as Zinc Stearate, Calcium Stearate, Magnesium Stearate, Lithopone, Sodium Alginate etc. mission and vision Biotio Industries aims to be a gateway to perfect your needs with our professionals.