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chromated copper arsenate

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Haihang Industry Co., Ltd.

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Cas Number37337-13-6

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Wood Preservatives
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Haihang Industry Co., Ltd.

Haihang Industry Co., Ltd. ("Haihang") is a global chemical industry manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceuticals and intermediates, food and feed additives, herbal extracts, agrochemicals and fine chemicals etc. Haihang also customize high value-added chemicals and intermediates for the customer.

Haihang Industry's production base is located in China fine chemical (Zhangqiu) Industrial Park. Relying on self cultivation and the introduction of domestic and overseas high-tech talent, as well as a number of research institutions in close co-operation, we have formed extraction, isolation, synthesis, fermentation, pharmaceutical, functional food chemistry, nutrition, biology, engineering and management science and other fields multidisciplinary, comprehensive, high-level technology and management elite team. Haihang Industry Products such as 2-(2-(5-Nitro-2-Furoyl)-Hydrazino)-5-NitrosotroponeAzoxymethane, 2-Chlorotoluene, Tricholine Citrate, Acetylcholine, Calcium Butyrate.