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Phytomarker Ltd.

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Cas Number483-14-7
Appearanceoff-white solid

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Phytomarker Ltd.

Phytomarker Ltd. is a new leading research, develop, manufacturer of High Purity bioactive compound, Reference Standards, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Custom purification, target herbal extract monomers with high purity are the company's characteristic services. The products listed in its catalog can all be manufactured in large scale which ensures the raw material pool of the high purity bioactive compound for research and industrial applications. The purification technique the company use for each product is chosen exactly according to customers different requirements. All its products have strict quality control and assurance and can be offered the data of spectrum. 

Phytomarker include the products such as Tetrahydropalmatine, Corydaline, Liensinine, Ponicidin, Podophyllotoxin, Nisoldipine etc.